14 July 2009


You are Brown Tiger, who get in touch with others with calm attitude.
You are both pure and friendly, and have the atmosphere of motherly tenderness.
Your character seem flexible and gentle, but you are actually someone who has their own opinion, and do not like to lose.
You are not scared of things.
You can steadily lead life to accomplish your goal.
You have the big sister sort of character.
People around you may push you to become their leader, but your sense of organizing people and action is not that strong.
You are confident, and can put to action with perseverance and guts.
You are dedicated to many things.
You can carry out things calmly and steadily at your own pace.
You don't worry about things so much, and possess the talent to combine many factors together to create a new thing.
You are well balanced person.
Nevertheless, you possess feminine atmosphere and are dependent person.
You lack self-support, and therefore you will be good at working in the back-ground.
Men are attracted to your mysterious atmosphere, but you tend to be very careful, and not fall in love too easily.
You are weak on favors, and can not turn them down.
Once married, you will stay at home and be obsessed with children's education.

haha itu kata doubutsu unaRai =p

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